ApiException Base interface for exceptions thrown by the XMS SDK.


BatchFilter Filter to use when listing batches.
Client Client used to communicate with the XMS server.
DeliveryReportType The types of delivery reports that can be retrieved.
Deserialize A collection of static deserialization functions.
ErrorResponseException Exception used when XMS responded with an error message.
GroupFilter Filter to use when listing groups.
HttpCallException Exception thrown when HTTP fails catastrophically.
InboundsFilter Filter to use when listing inbounds messages.
NotFoundException Exception indicating that a requested resources did not exist in XMS.
Serialize A collection of static serialization functions.
Tutorial An empty class whose documentation is a tutorial
UnauthorizedException Exception indicating that XMS did not accept the service plan ID and authentication token.
UnexpectedResponseException Exception that indicates that XMS responded unexpectedly.
Version Holder of the library version.